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Rylan Schadegg Interview (3rd Fastest HYROX Man Ever!)

Author Name: Rylan Schadegg  

Published On Dec 18th, 2023

In this episode of the Rox Lyfe podcast I get to speak with the brilliant Rylan Schadegg. Rylan is just 25 years old. At the recent Elite race at HYROX Chicago – the first major race of the season – Rylan finished 2nd in a very impressive time of 55:46 (making him the third fastest Mens Pro athlete ever). He competes in a wide range of events / sports – he isn’t solely focused on HYROX – but is seemingly able to do so to a very high level throughout. In this chat we talk about his training, how he’s made such significant improvements in the past year, how he deals with travelling and jet lag, his thoughts on drug testing in HYROX, how he managed to train and perform at such a high level when injury prevented him from running for so long, and lots more. I absolutely LOVED talking with Rylan – he’s a very insightful, thoughtful, impressive guy, who is surely a contender for at least a podium spot at this seasons World Championships. We had a great chat, there’s so much to take away from it and I think you’ll really enjoy it.