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Rowing Feud: Hunter McIntyre vs. RowAlong - The Backswing Technique that Unlocks Speed

Author Name: Hunter McIntyre  

Published On November 30th, 2023

Hunter McIntyre is untouchable in HYROX. But I poked him with a Rowing Technique shaped stick. He wasn't happy. I've been on a bit of a HYROX rowing journey it's fair to say. When I first started, I really thought there was something to be proved in the row station. But the truth is, the row is a fulcrum point in the race. You've come out of the burpee broad jumps totally exhausted, and you've still got the Farmer's Carry, the Lunges and the Wall Balls to go. So getting the row wrong, but wasting energy, isn't a good idea. ????And so rowing technique for HYROX is about efficiency. And if it's also about a rest, it's making sure to get that rest by using all available power. ???? This video explains what I meant when I commented on Hunter's video (   • Hyrox Tips: How To Dominate The Ergs  ) about him not using his back. The backswing adds 'free' speed (compared to not using it) from part of the body that isn't going to get hit hard in the rest of the race to come. At top end speed for me, it added 5-6 seconds per 500m of pace. And even just using my back, no legs, no arms, I can row at 1:55 pace. So just by adding my back, I can row faster. Which doens't need to be faster on the HYROX race floor. It means I can ease off my legs and my arms. Why would you throw that away?